Buy green, earn bonus points

Look for sustainable options

Do not opt out on the things you like in order to live more sustainably, find greener alternatives instead.
Cover image for Vegetarian food box

Vegetarian food box

Habits icon Earn 1,200 points
Cover image for Rent a dress

Rent a dress

Habits icon Earn 400 points
Cover image for Hammock in reusable fabric

Hammock in reusable fabric

Habits icon Earn 200 points

How to earn bonus points

When you need something, choose the greener option
Become a member and connect with BankID
Collect bonus points with greener purchases
Swap bonus points for rewards

Every point counts

Each time you earn bonus points, we donate 10% to good causes that have a documented positive impact on the climate. Some of the causes you are supporting, are the preservation of the rainforest and the education for girls in developing countries.

Spend points

Treat yourself something nice or good tasting, or embark on an exciting experience.
Cover image for the reward Ticket to one of this fall's movies

Ticket to one of this fall's movies

Rewards icon Requires 3,300 points
Cover image for the reward Taste explosion "Cheese" burger

Taste explosion "Cheese" burger

Rewards icon Requires 3,500 points
Cover image for the reward Delicious wrap with pumpkin

Delicious wrap with pumpkin

Rewards icon Requires 2,800 points

Let's make a difference

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