Everyone does something sustainable Now you can get bonus points
Get 1,000 points right away
Green action
Take the bus
+ 79 points
Green action
Rent a car
+ 295 points
Green action
Switch to a smart utility service
+ 960 points/month
Green action
Mend a garment at the tailor
+ 325 points
Green action
Buy an used iPhone 11
+ 2,245 points
Green action
Dine at vegetarian restaurant
+ 99 points
Get points from over 30 sustainable and local brands
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Reward yourself
Image of reward 47,500
Three days of surfing class in Hoddevik
Image of reward 7,650
Relax with a lightweight hammock
Image of reward 9,750
Relax with a massage
Image of reward 9,300
Have a night out at Latter
Image of reward 2,800
Delicious food like a wrap with pumpkin
Image of reward Image of reward Image of reward
And a lot more in the Fauna app...
Find sustainable products
" I love finding new solutions in Fauna. Such as Parkdressen, I didn't even know they existed.
Anne, 32
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Challenge yourself
" I love those moments in quizzes where I'm like «oh, wow, I didn't know this!».
Petter, 22
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Do it together
" My friends and I are having a Fauna Day, where we'll see how many challenges we can finish.
Aurora, 18
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Frequently asked questions
How do I earn bonus points?

Fauna is connected to your bank account, and you'll then automatically earn bonus points every time you shop at one of our sustainable brands.

Why is this good for the climate?

Every time we spend money, we influence the industry. The more people chooses sustainable products and services, the faster the businesses will follow.

How does Fauna make money?

Fauna wants environmentally friendly companies to succeed. Every time a member buys from one of our partners, we receive a small share of the purchase sum.