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  • Must clearly communicate that they are sustainable
Logo for Agent M

Agent M

Cover image for Agent M

Zero plastics equipment

If you want to live a more sustainable life, Agent M offers a wide range of useful products. You will find alternatives to single-use plastics, and a lot more, in high quality.

Why it's more sustainable

Agent M's main focus is to reduce the use of plastics. Plastic pollution has become a large problem in our society and is already a part of our food chain (WWF, 2019).

Logo for AllMatters


Cover image for AllMatters

Organic menstrual cup

AllMatters is an award-winning menstrual cup, replacing pads and tampons. Easier, helathier and greener.

Why it's more sustainable

Half of the population experiences menstruation for large parts of their lives, and in the course of two years, approximately 528 bandages or tampons are needed.

Often, these products contain plastics and chemicals. By replacing them with a single product - a menstrual cup in medical silicone - you can avoid exposing your body to chemicals, while also saving the nature from unnecessary waste.

Logo for Bilkollektivet


Cover image for Bilkollektivet

Car rental when you need it.

The car collective gives you access to a car when you need it, so you do not have to own your own.

Why it's more sustainable

If you need a car, car sharing is one of the greenest alternatives you can choose. We see this from tons of CO2 emissions released throughout a car's life cycle.

Let's say the life cycle is 12 years with 5000 km per year. Then the result would be: sharing an electric car; 2.8 sharing a fossil fuel car; 9.7 own an electric car; 12.3 own a fossil fuel car; 14.5 (Source: The Great Climate Guide, Thomas Horne).

Logo for Corkini


Cover image for Corkini

Bags in renewable cork

Corkini has a rich selection of handmade purses, backpacks, and other equipment of high quality, ethically produced in Portugal. These are made from 100 % natural and renewable cork, without toxic chemicals.

Why it's more sustainable

When using cork as a material, trees are not cut down or harmed in any way. The bark is harvested from unique cork trees that produces new and better bark afterwards. The trees live up to 250 years, and the bark can be harvested several times. These trees also help binding carbon dioxide.

Logo for Elife


Cover image for Elife

Electric bikes

Elife delivers electric bikes.

Why it's more sustainable

You get free training in proper maintenance, so that even wearing parts last as long as possible. Should the need arise, they choose to repair where possible, rather than to replace. Elife also has a complete warehouse of parts, even for discontinued models.

Logo for Forny


Cover image for Forny

Repairmen who repair most things

Forny (renew) is the digital platform that gathers repairing expertise. If you want to get something repaired, you'll most likely find the help you need. The garment, the shoe or whatever it may be, is fixed quickly, easily and at a fixed price.

Why it's more sustainable

Clothing and shoes contributes to 8% og GHG emissions globally (Thomas Horne, 2020), and it requires about 370 gallons of water to make only one t-shirt (Nordic Council of Ministers). If we can make our things last longer, we’ll reduce the impact on the environment.

Logo for Green Spirit

Green Spirit

Cover image for Green Spirit

Organic beauty and well-being

Green Spirit is an online store with a large selection of beauty and wellness products.

Why it's more sustainable

Their products are organic, sustainable, ethical, non-toxic, and animal-friendly.

Logo for Grønt Skift

Grønt Skift

Cover image for Grønt Skift

Eco certified quality clothing

Grønt Skift is Norway's largest supplier of ethical and organic clothing for the whole family.

Why it's more sustainable

The clothes are certified by recognized standards on environment and ethics, meaning that the overall environmental footprint is reduced.

Logo for Hauteletics


Cover image for Hauteletics

Eco certified workout clothes in vibrant colors

Hauteletics offers a wide selection of workout clothes in exciting color combinations, with an environmentally friendly focus.

Why it's more sustainable

Hauteletics chooses high-quality, long-lasting material combinations. Many of the garments are made from recycled plastic bottles, certified by Control Union and Global Recycled Standard.

Logo for Indo Naturals

Indo Naturals

Cover image for Indo Naturals

Soaps for you and your house

At Indo Naturals you get shower gel, shampoo, facial cleanser and cleaning products for the kitchen.

Why it's more sustainable

Through responsible consumption and production, Indo Naturals acts on UN's sustainable development goals of improving life below water and eradicating proverty.

They collaborate with independent farmers and local female businesses in India, avoid the use of palm oil and plastics, and uses materials that can be composted and reused.

Logo for Kruser


Cover image for Kruser

Sharing service for electric boats

Kruser is a member-based sharing service for electric boats. You have access all season and can pick up a boat as often as you want. Kruser takes care of all the practicalities.

Why it's more sustainable

By sharing instead of owning, the resources are distributed on more people. This reduces the pressure on production and its emissions. Otherwise, all boats are also electric, avoiding engine noise and fuel costs, all the while you're contributing to a more sustainable environment.

Logo for Leid


Cover image for Leid

Rent utilities online

At Leid you can rent tools online and pick them up when it suits you. They have departments in Sarpsborg, Halden and Fredrikstad.

Why it's more sustainable

When we rent instead of owning, the resources are shared, and we reduce the pressure on production and the climate.

Logo for LessTrash


Cover image for LessTrash

Equipment for housing and leisure

LessTrash tries to make it easy for you to make environmentally friendly choices. They offer sustainable clothes and products for household and leisure.

Why it's more sustainable

Fewer products of plastics, equals less plastics in nature. Plastic pollution has become a large problem in our society and is already a part of our food chain (WWF, 2019).

Logo for Marina Miracle

Marina Miracle

Cover image for Marina Miracle

Organic skin care

Marina Miracle offers natural and organic skin care produced in Norway.

Why it's more sustainable

Organic skin care has a lower environmental footprint than traditional skin care and avoids the use of harmful chemicals.

Logo for Miss Organic

Miss Organic

Cover image for Miss Organic

Vegan cosmetics and wellness

MissOrganic har Norges største utvalg i økologisk og vegansk kosmetikk, hudpleie og velværeprodukter.

Why it's more sustainable

Ingen av produktene inneholder kjemiske konserveringer eller stoffer som parabener, SLS (Sodium Laureth Sulfate) og mineralolje. De har et stort utvalg veganske produkter og tar sterk motstand fra dyretesting.

Logo for Nettmat


Cover image for Nettmat

Food box

Nettmat.no offers food boxes in Oslo, Bergen and Rogaland. You can choose from five different suggestions, or compose your own menu.

Why it's more sustainable

A study conducted by the University of Michigan in 2019, concludes that meal kits are a more environmentally friendly alternative to groceries. This is despite the fact that meal kits often have more packaging.

One of the main arguments is that meal kits measures the exact amount you need from each product, which contributes to reduced food waste. In 2019, we threw away 17% of all food available to the world's consumers (UN Environment Program). And the more food we throw away, the more pressure we put on the climate to produce enough.

Also, groceries often have a higher last-mile transportation emission than meal kits: Instead of having each household driving back and forth to the store, the meal kits are delivered to several households on the same trip.

There are also many plant-based recipes to choose from. A plant-based diet is generally seen as a more sustainable option for the environment compared to a diet rich on animal protein. This is because it uses fewer resources and is associated with far less damage to the environment (NHI).

Logo for New Movements

New Movements

Cover image for New Movements

Recycled shoes

New Movements offers tailor-made shoes for a circular lifestyle, literally. All parts of the shoe are recyclable, and you get a 20% discount on the next purchase when handing in a worn pair.

Why it's more sustainable

Every year, 95% of almost 25 billion produced pairs of shoes end up in landfills. It leaves a mountain of waste that can not be reused, because the shoes are simply not designed to be fully recyclable. New Movement changes this.

Logo for Ny York

Ny York

Cover image for Ny York

Vintage treasures in Oslo

The people behind Ny York has a passion for vintage clothing and reuse. In their shops you will find sunglasses and clothes in casual street wear style.

Why it's more sustainable

The clothing industry accounts for more emissions than both aircraft and shipping (UN Environment Program) and is the second largest consumer of the globe's water supply (UN Economic Commission). By reusing the products for as long as it's possible, the resources are better utilized.

Logo for Otovo


Cover image for Otovo

Save money with solar cells

Otovo makes it easy to produce locally and green energy on your own roof. They assist you in the entire process, from planning to installation, and use technology to investigate the potential of your particular roof.

Since 2016, they have sold and completed thousands of solar cell projects across Europe.

Why it's more sustainable

Norway has a high proportion of clean and efficient hydropower. So, do we actually need it to produce more clean energy? The simple answer is "Yes!".

Norway is part of a larger international market. When we produce too little electricity, we import energy produced by gas, coal and nuclear power plants in other countries. Even if we had enough clean energy to meet all our needs, there is no reason to stop there. Norway can export cheap and clean energy and thus contribute to displace fossil energy on the continent.

Logo for Parkdressen


Cover image for Parkdressen

Rental of coveralls for children

The fit makes it easy for children to run, jump and climb, and the material is extra durable.

Why it's more sustainable

Kids grow so fast out of their clothes. When sharing a product instead of owning one, the resources are utilized better.

Logo for Ravina (Bergen)

Ravina (Bergen)

Cover image for Ravina (Bergen)

Clothes for rent in Bergen

Lei klær og oppdater garderoben din med Ravina-appen.

Why it's more sustainable

The clothing industry accounts for more emissions than both aircraft and shipping (UN Environment Program), it's the second largest consumer of the globe's water supply (UN Economic Commission), and it pollutes the oceans with microplastics (IUCN). By renting instead of owning, we'll often consume smarter and make better use of resources.

Logo for Release


Cover image for Release

Used cell phones

Release fixes nicely used phones that you can buy or rent. They also have mobile subscriptions.

Why it's more sustainable

When you choose a used cell phone instead of a new one, you save the climate from unnecessary production.

Logo for Sirkular Gjenbruk

Sirkular Gjenbruk

Cover image for Sirkular Gjenbruk

Recycled appliances

Sirkular Gjenbruk, or circular reuse, wants to increase the consumption of reused white goods, such as refrigerators, washing machines and stoves.

Why it's more sustainable

If you repair or reuse white goods instead of buying new, it contributes to less consumption and lowered climate emissions.

Logo for Smiz


Cover image for Smiz

healthy & delicious fast food

By making healthy, sustainable and delicous fast food easily accessible to everyone, Smiz wants to help people make better food choices.

Why it's more sustainable

Smiz focuses on short-distance raw materials, degradable packaging and minimal food waste.

Also, the food is produced on so-called "ghost kitchens"; kitchens that aren't in use large parts of the day, such as hotel and canteen kitchens. This way, they help the environment through better utilization of existing buildings.

Logo for Stitch N Stones

Stitch N Stones

Cover image for Stitch N Stones


Stitch N Stones is a Swedish duo that makes handmade caps, hats, children's clothes, bags, and other accessories from recycled materials.

Why it's more sustainable

Stitch N Stones give new life to old materials that would have been thrown away. In addition, they base their production on pre-orders, which eliminates excessive products.

Through their work, they contribute to greater awareness of the textile production and the clothing consumption.

Logo for Tibber


Cover image for Tibber

Smarter power consumption

The greenest power is the one you do not using. Therefore, Tipper helps you lower your consumption.

The Tibber app helps you mointor and control your power consumption through smart technology.

By switching to Tibber, your electricity bill can be reduced by up to 20%. Tibber also has transparency in where the power originates.

Why it's more sustainable

Energy has a high environmental footprint. Therefore, a reduction in private energy consumption will make a positive contribution.

Logo for TotalCtrl Home

TotalCtrl Home

Cover image for TotalCtrl Home

System that prevents food waste

TotalCtrl Home ensures control over your kitchen, so you do not have to throw away good food. You will also be offered tasty recipes based on what you have available in your kitchen and on food that is about to expire.

Why it's more sustainable

The product helps to prevent food waste. 17% of all food in the world is thrown away (Unep). When we throw away food, we also waste all the energy and water that has been used to grow, gather, transport and pack the food.

Logo for Romeo & Julie

Romeo & Julie

Cover image for Romeo & Julie

Miljøvennlige produkter til kjæledyr

Romeo & Julie offers environmentally friendly animal products for you and your fury friend.

Why it's more sustainable

They focus on organic animal equipment - handmade of pure quality.

Logo for Funky Fresh Foods (Oslo)

Funky Fresh Foods (Oslo)

Cover image for Funky Fresh Foods (Oslo)

Økologisk vegansk kafé

Funky Fresh Foods is an organic café that offers a small and varied menu, handmade temptations and an exciting selection of drinks.

Why it's more sustainable

Certified as a Miljøfyrtårn, they commit to more sustainability in all stages of their operations.

Logo for Chargo


Cover image for Chargo

Charge your cellphone on the go

Chargo is a network of charging stations for portable chargers. You can rent emergency chargers and powerbanks throughout the Nordic region. Chargo makes charging on the go easy and accessible.

Why it's more sustainable

Chargo lets you can rent electricity instead of having to buy many chargers and powerbanks. When we share the goods, consumption is lowered, and the environment becomes happier.

Logo for Dyrket (Oslo)

Dyrket (Oslo)

Cover image for Dyrket (Oslo)

Matlevering direkte fra bonden

Dyrket is the farmer's online marketplace. They connect local producers and buyers in the Oslo area - and take care of the delivery. In addition to food, Dyrket also offer household items within cleaning, kitchenware and hygiene.

Why it's more sustainable

Securing a short distance from the farmer to the consumer, transport emissions are reduced to a minimum. In addition, it improves the taste and value of the ingredients.

Dyrket offers a wide range of organic products without synthetic pesticides, antibiotics, growth hormones or artificial additives of any kind.